Dunlin Walk, Iwade


Barratt David Wilson Homes
Transport Planning

Outline planning permission has been granted for 20 dwellings on a sustainable site in Kent after an appeal.  The development will provide affordable, much-needed housing, including first homes on land south of Dunlin Walk, Iwade.  Motion supported Barratt David Wilson (BDW) Homes during a three-year involvement with the project, more recently providing advice on the reserved matters application and evidence-based support during the appeal. 

The local planning authority initially refused the scheme on highways matters.  Motion’s evidence was key in helping to overturn the planning decision by demonstrating that the appeal scheme satisfied all relevant national and local transport-related planning policies, including parking and access.  By providing a robust argument and advocating good practice, the team was able to show that there was no unacceptable impact on highway safety on the surrounding road network.

Motion helped to overcome the decision at appeal by taking a lead role in the assessment and preparation of evidence to counter the council’s arguments.  This ensured that much-needed family homes could be provided in a highly sustainable location.”

Karen Dunn, Planning Manager at Barratt David Wilson Homes