Planning and engineering our sustainable future

We passionately believe that the business community should play its part in tackling the most important issue of our lifetime – the climate emergency.

That’s why Motion is responding proactively by continuing to adapt services and advice for existing clients, engage in new markets for our skills and capabilities, and review internal policies to place sustainability at the heart of the company’s strategy.

Motion is committed to achieving net-zero emissions by 2050.  We have set out our targets to achieve this in our Carbon Reduction Plan.

Why pursue a net-zero programme?

Motion’s goal is to reduce its carbon footprint at the core of its operations and offset any residual carbon through a range of projects and initiatives. We want to protect the world for future generations to live in. Evidence is growing daily that pursuing a carbon-reduction programme is not only good for the planet, it also makes good business sense.

Tomorrow’s property development market – meeting the demands

Over the years, Motion’s advice to property developers and landowners has evolved.

Browse our sustainability case studies here:

Towards a net-zero carbon future

Businesses need to stay relevant for the times in which we live. Our philosophy is based on taking ownership and responsibility for our own actions. As part of our commitment to addressing the climate emergency, Motion operates an Environmental Management System which complies with the requirements of ISO 14001:2015.

On Earth Day 2024, Motion was recognised with a Silver award by climate action platform, Ecologi.  The For Our Planet awards celebrate businesses on their sustainable journey who can clearly demonstrate their action on climate change during the previous year.  Find out more in our latest blog.

Motion’s Climate Change Group comprises employees who bring diverse experience and skills covering planning, design and operations.  A range of ages are represented to help ensure we capture opinion and perspectives from across the company.

The group is overseeing change which will be implemented in three key phases:

Short term

We are using a range of metrics to record our carbon footprint and have identified ways to reduce office energy consumption and waste. Performance will be monitored and reported regularly.  We’re being as transparent as possible and intend to cover all three emissions scopes: to achieve the most accurate baseline we are reviewing our direct greenhouse gas emissions, indirect emissions from electricity, and those caused by business travel and other sources outside our direct control.


Medium term

Working closely with Ecologi, Motion will be funding the planting of native tree species across the UK as part of a regular initiative, helping to make a positive difference to the country’s ecology and biodiversity.  Find out more in our latest blog. 

We will also offset emissions by supporting global carbon avoidance projects.


Longer term

As part of our commitment to drive down Scope 3 emissions, we will continue to investigate ways to limit greenhouse gases, such as reducing reliance on car use for business travel.

We are aiming to lower our carbon footprint further to minimise future offsetting requirements.


We will be reporting our progress at key stages throughout this journey.  Please visit this page to keep up to date with all our sustainability news.

Harnessing our talent

Employee engagement

We firmly believe that involving employees in every step of this journey is the key to keeping teams motivated and engaged. It also ensures we are capturing the widest possible range of views and not missing out on the best ideas!

Social and environmental initiatives

Every member of staff will have the chance to get involved in our social initiatives, helping to volunteer for a couple of days every year in their local communities and contribute to the causes that appeal to their passions and interests.

The future’s bright; the future’s green

Green Champions in each Motion office will be helping to implement best practice on the ground and encourage the small switches in behaviour that will make the most difference.

People power

Motion is at the heart of the climate emergency response, aided by a talent pool offering a broad range of technical knowledge and experience, as well as unique perspectives and endless enthusiasm.

Our track record is anchored in results-driven advice about the transport, travel, flood-risk, drainage and infrastructure challenges affecting property development schemes.

It means we are well placed to not only offer clients the most up-to-date advice to support the delivery of sustainable projects in the built environment, but also to help our company adapt to the broader environmental challenges.

We have an active recruitment programme and are always on the lookout for ambitious professionals who like a challenge and are keen to make a difference, for us, our clients and the planet.  For more information on our latest vacancies, visit our Careers page.


Image credit: © Eakarat Buanoi