Land to the south of Funtley Road, Funtley, Hampshire


Reside Developments
Flood Risk, Sustainable Drainage Systems, Transport Planning, Travel Planning

A solid understanding of traffic planning, highways and drainage issues, combined with a dogged determination to address concerns, resulted in a successful appeal outcome for Reside Developments, who plan to build 125 homes on land in Hampshire.  Sustainable travel measures will help to promote non-vehicular trips to and from the site.  A comprehensive range of drainage systems will also protect the scheme against flooding.

Outline planning permission had been granted for 55 homes in Funtley, near Fareham.  The earlier proposals included plans to convert a bridge over the M27 into a cycleway and footpath, improving the site’s connectivity with Fareham and unlocking land to the north of the motorway and town.

The prior outline consent for 55 houses and appeal outcome for the larger scheme were the culmination of several years’ hard work by a multidisciplinary team of experts.  The local planning authority was not initially persuaded that the location was sustainable, in particular, in respect of access to services and facilities for future occupants.  The sensitivity of the scheme in relation to the surrounding landscape was also called into question.

With Motion’s support a new turning circle was negotiated to help facilitate the reinstatement of the bus service to Funtley.  Vouchers will be provided to encourage new residents to use the bus service or cycle.  An upgraded footpath link also makes walking to the local secondary school a viable option for pupils.

Concerns about flooding were also raised by nearby residents.  However, the risk of surface-water runoff was mainly attributed to poor maintenance of existing infrastructure.  Motion’s drainage experts were quick to respond to the requirements for additional notes during the inquiry.

The inspector was satisfied that runoff from the site would be intercepted and slowed with the proposed series of tanks, ponds and swales, concluding that the development was unlikely to exacerbate existing drainage or flooding issues.

“As the application for 125 dwellings went to appeal, Motion had already built a very robust, high-quality package of offers to address all outstanding matters.  They were instrumental in securing engagement from all the relevant bodies and key to turning things around.”

Andrew Munton, Planning Director, Reside Developments