Pledge to fight global warming hots up following second ‘Green Week’ success

As part of its commitment to tackling the worldwide environmental crisis, Motion is backing carbon-avoidance initiatives in Uganda to encourage households to cook using more fuel-efficient methods.  The announcement follows Motion’s Green Week 2024, a programme of sustainable awareness activities and local events designed to educate, involve and motivate colleagues from across the business. 

Motion’s goal is to reduce its carbon footprint at the core of its operations and offset any residual greenhouse gas emissions through community projects.  As a result, 19.642 tonnes of CO2 from the business’ Scope 1 and 2 emissions incurred during 2023* will be offset.

Director Rob Monie Motion 2024According to Motion Director, Rob Monie, “Modern, fuel-efficient cooking appliances and reliable energy sources help communities in the developing world improve their wellbeing and have a positive impact on the planet.”

Motion will be provided with a carbon credit for each tonne of CO2 purchased through the fuel-efficient cookstoves programme.  The company is working with Ecologi, the UK’s leading climate platform, to fund a carbon credit for each tonne.  For further details visit:

Closer to home, Motion is also funding the planting of birch, oak and rowan saplings across the UK to help balance carbon emissions, enhance biodiversity, restore vital ecosystems and provide volunteering, employment and recreational opportunities for local people.

Evergreen programme

A highlight of this year’s Green Week was tree planting at Farnham Park in Surrey to help build up stocks of disease-resistant Dutch elms.  Employees also took part in a seminar on business support for climate action, and a briefing on electric vehicle charging and rollout strategy in Surrey.  A Green Quiz was designed to test their knowledge of climate issues, and awards were given for the Motion Sustainable Project of the Year.

The week-long initiative is becoming a key date in the company calendar.  However, Rob Monie is keen to stress that Motion’s action on climate change is all year round.  “As a business we are not only working hard to reduce our own emissions in the medium to long term, we’re also well placed to offer clients the most up-to-date advice to help them deliver sustainable schemes for future generations to enjoy.”

*What are scopes 1, 2 and 3 greenhouse gas emissions?

Scope 1 includes direct emissions from greenhouse gases that occur from sources owned or controlled by the company.

Scope 2 includes emissions from the generation of purchased energy.

Scope 3 emissions are indirect and result from activities not owned or controlled by the business, arising from its value chain, both upstream and downstream.

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