Road testing the world of work with an industrial placement

Bringing new ideas and enthusiasm to the workplace and a willingness to learn combined with the latest knowledge and skills – an undergraduate industrial placement can benefit both the student and employer.  A year in industry helps students to gain practical experience and can boost employability by showing that they are proactive and motivated.  Demonstrating its continuing commitment to nurturing engineering talent, Motion has welcomed Haider Hayat into the infrastructure design team at its Guildford office on a 10-month placement. 

Haider is a civil and environmental engineering undergraduate at the University of Surrey and started working with the company last September.  He returns to university in the autumn to complete the final year of his degree.

Developing practical experience

He is grateful for the opportunity of professional experience.  Working at Motion has already shown Haider how infrastructure design can be applied on a practical level.  He comments, “I am learning about the many considerations involved in designing new developments.  Sustainable drainage systems particularly interest me and how they can help to reduce the risk of flooding which can be key to a successful planning application.”  He is also enjoying applying elements of his academic learning in the workplace and adds, “I have developed my CAD skills tremendously.”

Haider appreciates the opportunity to develop transferrable skills such as administration, communication, teamwork and time management.  Motion Director, Neil Jaques, says, “Even in such a short space of time we have benefitted from having Haider in the team.  Motion welcomes undergraduate engineers and makes every effort to ensure that they are supported and encouraged to share fresh ideas and ask lots of thought-provoking questions.”

A keen advocate of industrial placement, Haider believes that the role will provide a solid foundation for his final year at university, “I am learning about the real ‘world of work’ and gaining invaluable industry experience before I graduate.  Thanks to Motion, the last year of my degree will make so much more sense.”



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