Stratford Centre and The Yards


London Borough of Newham
Employment, Residential, Retail, Sports and Leisure
Transport Planning

Plans for a £180 million mixed-use redevelopment scheme near the Stratford Centre will breathe new life into the east London district, creating a visual link between old and new Stratford.  Buildings next to the centre will be demolished to make way for two residential 42- and 21-storey towers offering 400 new homes, a 299-bed hotel, shops and flexible working space for entrepreneurs.  More than two acres of public space will be created at Stratford Yards, including a new public square to the south of the centre and a 250-metre landscaped route along Great Eastern Road connecting the bus station, the Stratford Centre and the cultural quarter.  Transport, delivery and servicing advice was supplied by Motion.

The site was granted planning permission under previous ownership.  The new plans included significant improvements to address the needs of Stratford’s diverse community.  The revitalised area creates a new gateway to the district and will generate employment, housing and leisure opportunities.  The wider mix of uses has the potential to provide more than 1,000 jobs.

Working closely with the architect, AHMM, to optimise servicing arrangements and delivery yard efficiency, Motion helped overcome technical issues and complex requirements for the car-free development.  The proposals had to sensitively integrate with the Newham gyratory scheme, which was being built during the planning application process.  Account needed to be taken of a new two-way carriageway and pedestrian and cycle crossings.

“Motion was invaluable in helping us understand the flow of people and traffic around the scheme, which could have presented challenges with convergence of rail, tube, bus, pedestrian, cycle and superhighway links at its apex.  This, combined with a footfall of 26 million people a year, meant it was vital to have the right team to help us identify the potential for the scheme.”

Michael Whitney, Development Surveyor at Frogmore


Image credit: © AHMM