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Travel Planning

Demonstrating sustainable and economical movement of people can help to secure the best possible planning outcome for property developers and future residents of a development.  It is increasingly important not only during the planning application process, but also following site completion and beyond into occupation.  When Brighton Marina Group needed to demonstrate delivery of Section 106 obligations for a mixed-use scheme, the company approached Motion’s travel planning experts for advice and support.

Motion responded to Brighton and Hove City Council’s requirement for a Travel Plan Implementation and Monitoring Report for the completed first stage of the West Quay marina development.  Comprising seven restaurants and 195 flats, the scheme incorporates sustainable features and aims to reach an EcoHomes standard of ‘Excellent’. 

A complex, multi-modal travel survey was devised, reflecting the integrated nature of the site within the wider marina estate, and the numerous site users and accesses.  The results informed a review of the target modal splits, and an updated action plan was presented.

The project included detailed analysis, involving collection of site-specific travel data covering residents of the occupied flats, staff and retail customers.  People who were visiting the facilities, as part of a trip to the marina for other purposes, needed to be clearly identified.

“The Motion team was professional and helpful, producing more detail to satisfy the council and managing ongoing monitoring to ensure compliance.  The work has also helped to provide the best experience for residents living in the marina.”

Katie Sullivan, Managing Director Brighton Marina Group Ltd

Image credit: © Ben Tribe