Renewable Energy

Our teams utilise their extensive knowledge of transport planning and infrastructure design to support the UK’s transition to a cleaner, greener energy future

We are an established partner for installers, owners and operators of renewable energy infrastructure, as well as for planners, architects and other professional consultants involved in delivering renewable energy schemes.

Working for clients in solar, battery storage and anaerobic digestion, we have helped to steer more than 100 applications through the planning system, which will result in the greening of the British economy and the powering of many communities across the country for generations to come, saving thousands of tonnes of carbon per year.

We work tirelessly to overcome the constraints associated with traffic, access, drainage or flood risk to ensure a smoother journey through the planning process. To date, our impact has resulted in clean energy output the equivalent of one nuclear power plant and we’ve never had a renewable energy application refused on highway grounds.

“The Motion team supports us with provision of expert knowledge and timely advice, with access to an impressive network of local authority contacts. The company is quick to turn things around and takes the stress away from us.”

Laura Murphy, Anesco

Partnership approach

We’ll bring together the right people to strengthen your project’s viability. Our collaborative approach helps to ensure your scheme has the best chance from the outset. Partnership with Motion will begin with a free initial consultation to openly explore any challenges with your proposals. At this early stage, you will also benefit from access to the full range of our capabilities, including transport planning, infrastructure design, flood risk and drainage to deliver timely, pragmatic advice about the feasibility of your plans.

We’ll seek to understand your business and operating model, to demonstrate to policymakers and planners that your plans are balanced and sustainable for all users. We’ll go beyond engineering and geometric parameters to consider the social impacts of your project, helping to develop the optimal outcome for the local community. And our post-planning services, including highways design, ensure that your vision is turned into reality as efficiently and as cost-effectively as possible.

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How we can assist your project:

Transport planning

Initial feasibility study

• Access Route review to determine potential constraints
• Review of existing access points within site to determine best options for temporary construction traffic and operational vehicle access; findings facilitate progress through planning process, providing confidence that safe access to site can be obtained
• Simultaneous review of impact of potential access works land ownership; advice for feasibility of proposed scheme
• Collision Review to ascertain existing highways deficits
• Review of all public rights of way (PROW) within site to highlight necessary mitigation measures
• Early notification of surveys required, eg speed surveys to determine visibility, or topographic surveys to confirm location of street furniture and access points

Preliminary studies

• Site visits undertaken across the UK to review potential highways constraints of schemes
• Pre-application reports for local highways authorities; agreement of as many points as possible before application submitted

Scheme development

• Plans and content produced for public consultations; participation in public consultations to help provide balanced and accurate assessment of impact of application
• Technical drawings eg visibility splays or access design for reassurance that development will be designed to a high standard and potential ecological impacts can be mitigated

Planning application

• Transport Statements and Construction Traffic Management Plans produced in accordance with local and national policy to demonstrate suitability from a transport perspective
• Associated technical drawings produced; expert advice throughout the planning process incorporated for comprehensive report to help obtain agreement of all highways matters

Infrastructure design

Pre planning

• Site appraisal – High-level Flood Risk Assessment and drainage strategy
• Site levels and cut and fill assessments


• Flood Risk Assessment
• Drainage Strategy
• Construction Surface Water Management Plan (CSWMP)

Civils design for planning (including scheme development)

• Horizontal design of site layouts
• Foul and surface-water drainage systems
• Proposed levels, including earthworks and retaining structures (structural design excluded)
• Pavement construction
• Signage and road marking
• Offsite highway improvements and S278 works design
• Advising on site investigation and infiltration testing for soakaway design

Post planning

• Reserved matters and discharge of planning conditions
• Environment Agency (EA), Lead Local Flood Authority (LLFA) and Internal Drainage Board (IDB) drainage consents
• Detailed design and approval of S278 works

“What sets Motion apart is the very positive attitude to problem solving. The team will always come up with innovative ways to overcome the obstacles at every stage of the planning process.”

Becca Leake, Project Planning Coordinator, Exagen

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