Swanley Park, Kent


Swanley Town Council
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Sustainable Drainage Systems

Works have been completed for a mains drainage system that will deliver a positive impact on a leisure park’s finances and environmental footprint.  Swanley Park in Kent will soon decommission a large cesspit, following culmination of a seven-year plan to secure permission from several neighbouring landowners to lay mains drainage.

Motion conducted a review of the original foul drainage system and carried out feasibility studies to set out future options on behalf of Swanley Town Council.  The choice was narrowed down to a proposal that would involve the shortest distance and deliver the fastest return on investment.  Motion also steered the Section 106 negotiations to a successful conclusion to secure approval for the mains drainage connection.

The popular amenity is set in 60 acres of parkland and features a boating lake, water park, soft play centre, café, miniature railway, inflatables, canine agility field and play park.

During the summer peak, due to the high numbers of visitors, the current cesspit would need to be pumped almost daily to avoid sewage backing up.  The new scheme will save the Council around 10.8 tonnes of carbon from lorry traffic and reduce the risk of the public toilets being temporarily taken out of service.  The absence of waste trucks coming and going will also improve the visitor experience in the park’s busiest months.

Sustainability impact:

  • 10.8 tonnes of carbon emissions saved annually
  • Reduced environmental impact with shortest distance scheme

Image credit: © Swanley Town Council