Avonmouth, Lower Severn Internal Drainage Board


Lower Severn Internal Drainage Board
South Gloucestershire
Flood Risk, Sustainable Drainage Systems

An area generating several millions of pounds of annual economic activity has benefitted from flooding and drainage consultancy advice from Motion. The Lower Severn Internal Drainage Board now enjoys significant influence in the debate about local planning and development proposals. For nearly a quarter of a century, Director Richard Bettridge has provided technical, design and legal guidance to help facilitate effective surface water drainage and avert major flooding problems. The work requires close liaison with local and statutory authorities, the Environment Agency, English Nature and the Campaign to Protect Rural England.

The project remit covers more than 15 square miles within the flood plain, which is protected by sea defences and can only drain at low tide. In places, the land is five metres lower than the extreme high tide levels. Drainage network improvements including new strategic rhines or ditches, storage ponds and hydraulic structures have been built to facilitate development of the land.

Working with the Environment Agency, the Board reviewed the flows and sea outfalls required for these measures. Motion works with the Board to check that the rules and standards are being adhered to by new and existing occupiers throughout the area.

“Richard Bettridge at Motion has worked hand in hand with the Drainage Board to ensure that the drainage network improvements made necessary by planned development have been procured in accordance with the strategy set up by the IDB. Richard has been instrumental in establishing the strategy and has advised on all technical and engineering issues over the last 25 years.”

James Thomas, Civil Engineer, Lower Severn Internal Drainage Board