Transport Planning, Travel Planning

Allianz gained planning consent for a vibrant multi-storey car park adjacent to its UK headquarters in Guildford. The company’s staff travel plan helped to persuade the county council to support the scheme.

Motion has worked with Allianz since late 2012 on the development and implementation of the travel plan. The insurer exceeded its 2016 staff travel plan target for reducing single occupancy car travel two years early. The plan included the provision of mini-buses to the town centre, and train and bus stations.

The consolidation of two surface level car parks onto one site provides virtually the same number of car parking spaces. Motion successfully argued that the application would not lead to an increase in car use or traffic movements. The team proposed removing the entrance and egress restrictions on the car park in order to improve the flow of movements in and out, by distributing traffic across a greater number of access points.

The multi-storey car park will provide 200 parking spaces. The new building will ensure that parking remains available to serve the offices, safeguarding spaces for the Allianz headquarters in the long term.

“Motion was very effective at explaining to the planning authority that traffic on the main road would not be adversely affected.”

Andrew Collin, Guildford House Manager, Allianz