Lodge Hill Centre, Watersfield


Lodge Hill Charitable Trust
West Sussex
Flood Risk, Sustainable Drainage Systems, Water Neutrality

A resolution to grant planning permission has been received, subject to a Section 106 agreement, for an application to build five new homes adjacent to the Lodge Hill Centre in Watersfield, West Sussex.  The site falls within the South Downs National Park local authority area, where all new and reserved matter planning applications need to demonstrate that the proposed development is water neutral, or does not significantly affect water demand.

Working closely with water demand specialists, Motion’s flood risk and drainage engineers developed baseline calculations for the existing site usage and forecast additional demand as a result of the proposed homes.  The team then set out a package of measures including the introduction of water-efficient fixtures and fittings and a rainwater harvesting system.  Proposals were also put forward to offset any remaining deficit with water-saving initiatives at the outdoor centre, once all other steps have been taken.

Image credit: © Ramsay & Co Landscape Architecture