Land west of Beach Road, Newhaven


KSD Group
East Sussex
Employment, Residential, Sports and Leisure
Transport Planning

A resolution to grant planning permission was issued to KSD Group for a mixed-use development on land to the west of Beach Road, Newhaven.  The harbourside site will be redeveloped to deliver new homes, a hotel and commercial floor space, breathing new life into the East Sussex town.

The development comprises 41 dwellings, including 14 houses and 27 flats, an 81-bedroom hotel and two commercial units.  Motion skilfully negotiated with transport officers to address all transport and traffic matters and bring the application to a successful conclusion.

144 car parking spaces will be provided to serve the development.  It is expected that parking overspill onto surrounding roads will be kept to a minimum.  By introducing unallocated parking for the flats and commercial units, the result was a more efficient use of a smaller number of spaces.  The proposals also included cycle parking in accordance with local standards to encourage the use of bicycles as an alternative, more sustainable, mode of travel.

“The proposed scheme will act as a catalyst to attract private investment and further development into the area. Phil Bell and the Motion team’s knowledge, creative thinking and engineering expertise have helped us put this part of Newhaven well and truly back on the map.”

Derek Beck, independent corporate real estate consultancy, CRE Solutions


Image credit: © Morgan Carn Partnership Architects