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Home Park Estate Limited
Sports and Leisure
Flood Risk, Sustainable Drainage Systems, Transport Planning

The construction of new equestrian training facilities at Milland, near Liphook, has been approved by the South Downs National Park Authority.

Due to its location, the scheme is subject to special planning conditions. Motion’s transport strategy took into account the limited public transport links to the site. Parking provision for up to 100 vehicles with horse boxes was required. An overflow car park with 150 spaces was proposed to cater for vehicles during events. Reinforced grass paving was also recommended to minimise the visual impact of the parking areas.

In order to improve safety within the site, Motion advocated a one-way arrangement between the entrance and exit. The team produced a detailed traffic management plan demonstrating that, with the help of marshals, there would be no impact on other users of the road during events.

Natural England was concerned that discharge from the site might contaminate water bodies. To address these issues, Motion incorporated a wetland management zone with a reed bed to filter runoff, as part of the sustainable drainage strategy.

An indoor arena, storage barns, stables, paddocks, a dressage area and an all-weather multipurpose arena will be delivered to facilitate hosting of national and international eventing, dressage and show jumping.