Elmore Back, Gloucestershire


Lower Severn Internal Drainage Board
Drainage Authorities, Employment, Residential
Flood Risk, Infrastructure Design

In order to fulfil its long-term flood-risk management responsibilities while protecting and enhancing local biodiversity, the Lower Severn Internal Drainage Board’s (LSIDB) programme of improvements to its ageing infrastructure installations continues.  The land drainage pumping stations at Saul and Elmore Back have been upgraded so that they no longer form a barrier to eel migration.  Modifications to the sites, which are adjacent to the River Severn, include fish-friendly pumps and eel passes.

Motion was engaged by the Board to manage the design and contract procurement of works to enable pumps, pipework and outfalls to be replaced at the pumping stations.  Work is now complete at Elmore Back after installation of the final pieces of equipment.  The upgrade included new pumps, an automated screen rake and conveyor, eel pass and control system.

Overcoming the challenges of the programme of improvements demonstrated Motion’s strengths in the areas of land drainage, design engineering and the management of capital infrastructure projects.

“We delivered an effective piece of infrastructure which protects an endangered species and achieves compliance with the Eels (England and Wales) Regulations 2009.  Our investment programme continues to make the system more resilient and enhances the Board’s ability to protect farms, businesses and communities in the region.”

James Thomas, Civil Engineer, Lower Severn Internal Drainage Board