Travel planning early benefits

Developers should consider integrating a travel plan into any major application prior to submitting the scheme for approval, according to Motion’s travel planning expert. A long-term strategy to encourage people to use alternatives to cars, has a positive influence on how an application is viewed by the planning authority.

Motion’s dedicated Travel Planner believes, “A travel plan should go hand in hand with a transport assessment. The traffic impact analysis can then take account of what conditions will be like once the travel plan is in place.”

Our Travel Planner adds, “It can make life easier if developers consult a travel planning specialist early in the life of a planning application. Some developers are becoming more proactive, which avoids the requirement for the travel plan being imposed as a post planning consent condition.”

Travel plans include a range of measures to promote walking, cycling, public transport and car sharing. If a travel plan is already in place for an existing residential or commercial development, the demonstrated benefits can be acknowledged in any future planning application.

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