New permitted development rights – the transport perspective

The government has been busy implementing new legislation which is expected to have a significant impact on the planning sector.  Whilst much attention is being paid to the White Paper on planning reform, other new law has somewhat been overshadowed, which enables developers to avoid the need for full planning consent for the extension of existing residential flatted developments.  Motion Technical Director, David McMurtary, explains how there may still be hurdles to overcome, including highways and parking.  

Developers can now extend buildings by up to two additional storeys without obtaining full planning permission.  They will, however, need to pass several tests to prove the extension is feasible in design and construction terms, and can be developed without affecting existing residents.

From a highways perspective, the provision of safe access for pedestrians, motorists, cyclists and servicing vehicles will need to be demonstrated.  Car parking will also be key, as it may not be possible to implement additional provision for new dwellings.  Consideration will need to be given to the impact on existing car parking demand, both onsite and on adjacent roads.  Highway safety issues may arise, especially in congested inner-city locations.  And whilst it may not seem like a difficult challenge to overcome, developers also need to remember that additional cycle parking and refuse bin storage will need to be provided.

Construction management may be a concern for residents.  Information needs to be made available about the hours of operation, and mitigation measures for any adverse impact of noise, dust, vibration and HGV movement.  Building additional floors, without impacting on residents’ quality of life and ability to park onsite, is complex and will require careful consultation with all parties.

The permitted development rule changes will provide further opportunities to maximise development potential, but the relaxation does not necessarily mean the process will be quick or straightforward.

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An abridged version of this article appeared in the Autumn 2020 issue of Insight

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