Goal for elite ice sports

An ice rink recently opened its doors in Bracknell following planning consent in early 2021.  The facility will focus its offering on figure skating and elite ice hockey training for small groups, or games for up to eight players per match.  Local parking standards were tested in the project, in which Motion had to quickly grasp the specific operating context of the planning applicant, to demonstrate the resulting likely impact on traffic volumes and demand for parking space. 

Attracting sporting talent

According to Kevin Fong, Ozone Rink’s Head of Business Operations, “Motion took the time to understand our business model and what we do.  The quality of the new facility is likely to attract athletes from near and far.  However, they can all be easily accommodated as part of a carefully controlled strategy.”

It is anticipated that the facility will play a pivotal role in identifying new talent and the next generation of UK figure skaters and professional ice hockey players.  The amenity will be available for local children to try out the sports in preparation for training and elite squad selection.

Peak parking

Studies concluded that the planning proposals would not result in a material increase in vehicular movements compared to the previous use, or impact on the adjoining highway network.  Motion Regional Director, John Russell, explains, “Based on the operating requirements of the site, fewer parking spaces are required than for a public ice rink.  All skaters and athletes will need to book in advance and there will be no walk-in sessions.”

By careful analysis of maximum capacity levels for each activity, including school lessons and non-member skating sessions, Motion was able to determine that suitable and appropriate access was achievable, and appropriate provision for parking could be made on the site, which is on a light industrial park.  Peak use is likely to occur during evenings and weekends, allowing, if necessary, for use of unallocated parking spaces on the estate.


An abridged version of this article first appeared in the Summer 2021 edition of Insight.

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