3 Viveash Close, Hillingdon


Mackenzie Homes Limited
Transport Planning, Travel Planning

Considering the delivery and servicing needs of sensitive sites in and around London is a regular challenge for Motion.  As cities expand, providing adequate provision for delivery and servicing activity for new developments from the outset can help to minimise disruption and the environmental impact, such as increased congestion and noise pollution.

Planning consent has been granted for the redevelopment of an industrial site to erect a part 10-storey and part 11-storey mixed-use building.  The development at 3 Viveash Close will provide 127 flats and double-height residents lounge, with public realm improvements and landscaping works.  Motion supported property development company, Mackenzie Homes Limited, with transport and travel planning advice and construction traffic management.

The proposals are critically important to unlocking the full potential of the wider masterplan for the area and will provide a pedestrian link to the former Nestlé factory site in the east to the new Crossrail station and Hayes town centre.

The development will be car free apart from seven disabled parking spaces and a new loading area created for deliveries and servicing, including refuse collection.  Motion worked closely with the architect to ensure that accessible parking spaces for disabled residents, a large cycle parking allocation and deliveries and servicing could all be accommodated in a constrained ground floor space.

An Active Travel Zone assessment on the walking and cycling infrastructure in the vicinity of the site and the scheme will contribute to public realm improvements along Viveash Close.  Motion demonstrated that the new development is in a sustainable location, providing opportunities for active travel with convenient access to amenities such as banks, supermarkets, schools, pharmacies, a post office and enhanced public transport links.

Sustainability impact:

  • Facilitating walking and cycling to reduce car use to tackle congestion and emissions
  • Encouraging car-free lifestyles and enabling residents to live active, healthier lives
  • Minimising noise and air pollution

We were dealing with a very tight area for commercial access and parking.  Motion conducted swept path analysis for delivery and refuse vehicles, fire trucks and cars.  The support was essential to provide safe and efficient access for deliveries and servicing to the site.” 

Uzair Jahangir, Development Manager, Mackenzie Homes